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The Union of Czech Philatelists (SČF) presents or participates in presenting other philatelic events that are closely or more remotely related to the PRAGA 2008 Exhibition. One must also bear in mind that a  world exhibition is only a  sort of climax of many years of collectors’ efforts and of the expert study of many philatelists. Holding such an exhibition definitely would not be possible without its having been preceded by many other exhibitions and events of a  smaller size and scope. The SČF can only afford to hold a  world exhibition because philately in this country is still at a  very high level and because there are enough philatelists in the entire Czech Republic who are willing to contribute something to philately.

Hradec Králové National Exhibition, 19 – 22 April 2007

From 19 through 22 April 2007, the National Exhibition of Postage Stamps will take place in Hradec Králové. For the classes of traditional philately and postal history, this exhibition will be the last opportunity for qualification of exhibits for PRAGA 2008. Exhibits in other competition classes can qualify for other European or world exhibitions, e.g. for the WIPA 2008, held shortly after the PRAGA Exhibition.

Details about the Hradec Králové National Exhibition (only in Czech) are available online at: http://www.filateliste.unas.cz.

Exhibition of Young Philatelists “Mladá Boleslav 2007”

Under authorization from the Union of Czech Philatelists, the Mladá Boleslav Philately Club KF 01–1 is holding the “Mladá Boleslav 2007” exhibition. It is tying in with the previous exhibition of young philatelists that it held in 1986. The exhibition of young philatelists, being held after a  break of more than 20 years, also gives opportunities to collectors from other fields (postcards, matchboxes, historical documents and maps). The exhibition will be supplemented by an auxiliary program of exhibits from the Mladá Boleslav Museum focusing on the region of Mladá Boleslav and Bohemian Paradise. The goal of the exhibition, besides promotion of philately and introducing the work of young philatelists, is also the introduction of new fields with historical ties to the present and encouraging young people to spend their leisure time in one of the fields of collecting. Another goal is raise interest in Mladá Boleslav, to contribute to the development of tourism there and to present the development of Mladá Boleslav and of the company Škoda Auto a.s. in the mutual context of the development of the automotive industry, founded there by the company Laurin & Klement.

The exhibition will be held as a  competitive national and regional presentation of the exhibits of young philatelists. Young philatelists from the sister cities of Mladá Boleslav will also be invited to participate at the exhibition. The “Mladá Boleslav 2007” will therefore be a  very important youth exhibition preceding the PRAGA 2008 World Stamp Exhibition, a  part of which will also be a  national exhibition of young philatelists with the title “Salon of Youth.”

Also taking place in Mladá Boleslav at the time of the exhibition will be the finale of the Philatelic Olympics, the theme of which for this school year is “Man and the Automobile.” For children and their parents and for the leaders of clubs of young philatelists, additional events will be prepared during the exhibition such as a  visit to the Škoda Auto Museum, a  meeting of collectors and an exchange, the Mladá Boleslav Fair etc.

The exhibition will take place from 21 to 26 June 2007. An application for the exhibition may be obtained at the address of the organizing committee, through the youth commission of the Union of Czech Philatelists or online at www.mbfilatelie.cz. Completed and confirmed applications must be sent to the address of the organizing committee by 15 March 2007.

A commemorative cancellation stamp will be prepared for the exhibition, and two printed postcards will be issued.

The following persons have assumed patronage of the event:
Central Bohemia Regional Commissioner, Mr. Petr.Bendl
Mayor of the City of Mladá Boleslav, Dr. Raduan Nwelati, MD
Personnel Manager of the company Škoda Auto a.s., Mr. Martin Jahn
Director of the Mladá Boleslav Museum, Dr. Luděk Beneš, PhD

REGENIA 2007 Exhibition, 1 – 3 June 2007

The first Bavarian-Czech level-2 competitive exhibition of postage stamps titled REGENIA 2007 will be held in nearby Regen, Bavaria. The event venue will be the Siegfried-von-Vegesack-Realschule secondary school at the address Pfarrer-Biebl-Strasse 20. The event will last from 1 until 3 June 2007. A  commemorative postal cancellation stamp has been prepared for each of the three days of the exhibition. The presenter of the exhibition is the local club, which has a  web site at www.briefmarkenfreunde-regen.de.

This philatelic exhibition is being held as part of the State Exhibition Bavaria & Bohemia 2007 with the motto “1500 Years as Neighbors.” It represents cross-border cooperation of regions of the European Union, with the participation of the Plzeň and České Budějovice Regions. Assuming patronage of the exhibition is Mr. Ernst Hinsken, a  member of the German Federal Parliament, State Secretary and member of the Federal Ministry of Finance postage stamp committee. The of German and Austrian postal administrations and Czech Post will be represented at the exhibition. Czech Post is preparing a  personalized stamp for the exhibition (embossed on a  coupon) and also an official postcard with a  printed stamp. The exhibition is also to commemorate the world’s largest glass stamp, made in a  Bavarian glass factory. It will be ceremonially presented at the exhibition.

The coordinator of the participation of the Union of Czech Philatelists and the contact person for the presenting Regen club, its chairman Wolfgang Boranek and the chairman of the exhibition committee Alois Stangl, is Karel Pech from Plzeň. He has succeeded in securing the participation of 25 Czech philatelic exhibits including youth exhibits, excluding philatelic literature. It is just a  shame that apart from Dr. Bedřich Helm, MD, from Klatovy, who will represent the Union of Czech Philatelists on the exhibition jury and who is presenting his own exhibit in the non-competitive class, none of the Czech members of the association ArGe Tschechoslowakei are showing exhibits at the event.

The Union of Czech Philatelists wishes the presenters of the exhibition REGENIA 2007 a  great success and believes that the mutually friendly relations among philatelists will become deeper within the context of Euro-regional cross-border cooperation.

Lumír Brendl in cooperation with Karel Pech from KF 03-13 Plzeň, honorary member of the BDPh

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