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is a  permanently open virtual philatelic exhibition. In the beginning (in 2004), there was the simple idea to collect and make available a  great quantity of philatelic exhibits on one Internet portal. Thanks to current technical possibilities and mainly thanks to the great effort of its founders, a  unique and constantly evolving database of philatelic material from the whole world was successfully built in less than five years. A  stable increase in the number of exhibits and visitors is guaranteed by basic principles, such as frankness, freedom from any charges and uncompetitive approach; the frankness to exhibitors according to the “Show what you can” principle, without prescribing any rules as to the layout; the freedom from charges, since no fees are collected either from exhibitors or from visitors; the uncompetitive approach, since the visitor is the only assessor.

Although exhibits placed in the EXPONET have an appearance common to exhibits organized in accordance with rules of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP), they are not subject to any limitations regarding to the extent, way of processing or qualification. Consequently, here, it is possible to place the exhibits honoured by the highest prices on world philatelic exhibitions, together with those, which do not meet philatelic competitive criteria.

The organization structure of the EXPONET is subject to the functionality and greatest possible user comfort. Consequently, the exhibits are divided to the FIP philatelic classes and sorted according to their titles. Alphabetic sort order by exhibitors’ names and their country of origin are also available. Some of them have links to related web pages.

However, the goal of the EXPONET is not only the readily accessible presentation of diverse philatelic material in great quantities, but also archiving exhibits or their parts which, for any reasons, will become inaccessible with time. Also attracting and educating young collectors, for whom these activities open the door to philately in up-to-date way, pay the great role.

Even if the EXPONET can be easy visited by means of any PC (www.exponet.info), not every collector is able to access it. The European population grows older and at the same time also the average age of stamp collectors increases. Thus, especially the older generation members may appreciate that we have prepared, in the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008, a  special stand with number of computers, which can be used by them for effortless familiarizing with the exhibition. Also its creators and collaborators will be present, who will willingly answer any relevant questions from visitors. And if it will be even the first step on the road to computers for somebody, our pleasure will double.


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