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Invitation from the Chairman of the Union of Czech Philatelists

 Photo - Lumír Brendl  

The world philatelic exhibition PRAGA 2008 will be the first one to take place on the territory of the independent Czech Republic, but it will be held at its traditional venue in the art nouveau Palace of Industry at the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Prague - Holešovice. That is where the very first World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 1962 was held in the former Czechoslovak Republic. Philatelic exhibits of the Court of Honor, invited and official exhibitions and the competition classes for traditional philately, postal history and one frame exhibits will be displayed In the Palace of Industry. The competition class of philatelic literature will be exhibited at the Postal Museum.

The world exhibition PRAGA 2008 will be held under the sponsorship of the International Philatelic Federation (FIP). This was decided by the delegates to the 69th FIP Congress from more than 70 countries, who met on 13 October in the Spanish city of Malaga. For the first time, the PRAGA 2008 will also be connected with the 11th annual Collector international trade fair. Also to be commemorated at this global event is the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic and the issuing of the first Czechoslovak postage stamp in 1918, together with the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Czech Republic. It will be a  tribute to a  country and its people “in the heart of Europe.”

The Czech Republic and Czech philatelists are looking forward to the philatelists – collectors and exhibitors – and to the visitors from around the world. We are looking forward to their arrival and we will offer them a  cordial welcome. We believe that together they will help us achieve the mission of philately as a  cultural hobby and as a  testament to past times and to the present. They will help us achieve philately’s mission of strengthening understanding and friendship among the nations and among people from around the world.

Lumír Brendl
Chairman of the Union of Czech Philatelists

and Director of the FIP

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